Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Boy With an Ipad Sparks Outrage in New Orleans



Readers called and emailed reporter Katy Reckdahl to express their anger. One less caustic correspondent was clearly worried at what the reporter might think of him for raising the issue: "Not to rush to comment. I hope this is nothing more than someone gave him the iPad as a gift and he is using it for educational means or just playing games ... I hope I am not over thinking this. I am not prejudice (sic) -- this just did not look right."

Check out this article. 

Basically as stated in the article.  In Preparation to yesterdays Scheduled building Implosion. the city  evacuated nearby neighborhoods. who were likely in the Dust Zone.  The Times Piccayune Interviewed residents of the Iberville Projects who Expressed their concern of the Dust as well. In That article There was a photo of a boy with an Ipad..   The Linked Article came about Yesterday because  Readers of the Previous article wrote letters to the Editor about how Disturbed they were that a Poor Boy would poses such an expensive device.

All day yesterday There were heated arguments gong on in the comment section. most were Racist filled rants from people who feel that Poor people living in the Projects shouldn’t poses such devices.  I was even upset and simply wrote “”America Fears the Educated African American” I got some negative feedback as well but i don’t care.

I wanted to repost many of their comments here for you all to see, but Removed them from the public eye. Honestly I have so much to say regarding many of them. but I can’t even put it into words. so I’ll simply say this.

People who consider themselves Upper of Middle class, Pretend that they’re not struggling to survive. They assume that poor black people in N.O are all criminals who are getting over on the government by taking advantage of Public services. They assume that People in the projects should be Dirt poor and Live like Savages. I

It’s pretty messed up that a kid with an Ipad would spark outrage as if he had killed someone.  It reminded me of the time Michelle Mulkin ranted about how she felt N.O’s black folks should use their money and If we’re “poor” why di we have nice homes and houses full of furniture.

It’s one of those things that Drives me nuts. I can’t even speak on it anymore. Just few that article you’ll see what I'm saying.  It’s pure Ignorance..

They fear what they do not understand.

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