Monday, September 24, 2012

Lots of stuff

Although I didn’t go to DC last week, I had a pretty busy week. I hand lots of work to do and still do. I have Videos to do.

Last week I waited for my Equipment to come in, I received my Microphone and Memory Card just days apart. Now I need other things, Among those I need Ink to finish printing pictures  and to began on another task that i should have completed the other day.  I have Video duty, Some I haven’t started on yet.  I’ve had Photo Duty Twice This week, I also saw my cousins 60D i was like WHOA! real nice camera.

Projects Projects Projects! I have a lot of work to do and it’s CRUNCH TIME! things have got to happen Fast.

I was at my Aunt’s house today partying with all my kinfolks One of my aunts got Married to someone she’s been seeing for a while. I just met the guy today (yesterday).
After Leaving I went back by the bar. Sunday Night is Oldies Night he might as well turn it on Q93 LOL!.

Last week I did CD Covers for this party, This week I have to do the pictures. I hope everything's straight because I've been having video issues.  On top of that, I dropped my 300mm.. SMH! and now things seem to be not-right… I'll see about that though.. I think I'm all good..

This week in Band, JSU week. Alot of Issues on the site but I’m letting it slide until they come at me wrong. lol.

I ALSO HAVE ALOT OF VIDEO DUITY FOR THE CAMPAIGN! Lets get it done! AHHH!.. gotta do it now!

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