Friday, October 26, 2012

A Seasoned Photographer Tried To Have Me Arrested

I will not mention this mans name but He’s a True Backstabber For What he Did to me last night., Although I’ve never directly seen his work. I’ve seen him in action while working some events and he’s great at what he does.  I Met him formally at Mardi Gras and he seemed to be a Cool guy. But After Greeting Him today, He called authorities to have me escorted off the field. Which Obviously didn’t happen after identifying myself.

I’ve been recording and taking pictures of bands for years now , I know my rights and what i have to do to make sure that I’m cleared for events  to do as i please. In this events case it’s about who you know and having their permission to do so. There are no special passes. In His case He was Hired to do a specific Job. I was there to record the Marching Units.  There was no need to call authorities on my because  I do know the directors of the bands nearly everywhere and they understand what I'm there to do. even if i don’t directly ask them. They acknowledge that it’s what I’m there to do.

Here’s a Timeline for you :

After making it to the game, I talked to an assistant director about getting He said that the gate was open and to go right ahead, Therefore I did what I do as usual.  When Halftime came I decided to make my way to the 50 yard line to get some video in.  That’s where I saw  The Seasoned Photographer,  When we Greeted He said. to me “Don’t take pictures of the  Court, I’m Under Contract ..” I responded Okay I got’cha I’m mainly here for the bands.”  Personally I didn’t mind at all because I did not want to get the homecoming court at all. At the same time I was saying to myself,. Who are you to tell me what I can or can not take pictures of? …

So as i was gathering my gear with hopes that there would be something Extra to the show.  The Seasoned Photographer (Standing 2 feed away from me) Called a cop over and said to him “He’s Not supposed to be out here”.. (AS IF I DID NOT HEAR HIM)  then went on to take pictures of the Court.  The officer went to get some back up as well as a  a school authority figure. They came to me as I'm kneeling, The School Admin figure  basically asked me to Identify myself. In the midst of doing so. I stood up and explained to him What I was there to do. He asked did I have any clearance from anyone at the school I said No.. He then asked the Band Director  (who is a friend of mine) Does she know Me or The Website I’m With. She replied “yeah,” The School Admin then said, COOL, You’re Good To Go. As long As she Knows You  That’s Fine with Me” .. From There I Continued to Do as I was there to do.

The whole time they were talking to me, I had my eye on the Seasoned Photographer. I guess he probably assumed they were going to escort me off the field, or that they were going to stop me for just enough time that I don’t get what I came there to get. Fortunately I had already discussed with those directors Prior to entering the field that I was not going to record the show. so I wasn’t missing out.  All I could do at that point was shake my head.  I bet he felt stupid when he saw me still standing there.

What Kills me is that a man who I though was trustworthy to an extent, nearly had me arrested for existing Within his range. That’s never happened to me, Ever. until now.   The Irony of this is,  I haven’t been to Pan Am Stadium in YEARS.. and This was the first time I was able to work that field.

As I stated before, I’ve seen this guy at countless events and I rarely say anything to anyone i don’t know. and as a Working Photographer I tend to remain quiet at most while working because usually I'm recording and everything else becomes a distraction.  I met this guy at Mardi Gras, the dude seemed like a great guy. Of All Things I never thought another photographer would do me something like that. In the future I will refuse to acknowledge His being.

I have many Questions now because of it.  Here are a few.

  1. What was your reason for doing that to me?
  2. What did I ever do to you to Try and have me arrested?
  3. Who Are You To Tell Me what I Can or Can Not Do or where I can Or Can Not Be?
  4. Do you understand that We’re not here for the same reasons?
  5. Is my Work a Threat to yours?
  6. Does My Work Ethic  & Workmanship Bother you?
  7. Does it Bother you that I exist in a world that you believe is yours?
  8. Is It That Serious?
  9. How Did you feel when they walked away from me and I was still standing there?

Even after meeting this guy he does not know who I am, Nor will he get to know me any better with those kind of tactics. I mean hey If you were hired by the school to cover the events That’s great. It has nothing to do with me.\Folks like Him should just mind their own business. As I said before, at this point I’ll leave him alone.

At the end of the day It’s all good.because the more gigs i get, the more I get paid. These band Gigs are a hobby but what I do makes the bends look good. In the band world I’m sort of a Juggernaut . and I don’t like to be boastful about what I do. But  In Situations like this, It shows that I m Just That.

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