Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cashin’ Out: Boredom Strikes!

I just came from Elbanko  (The Bank)  from cashing in $300+ in coins. Funny Experience.  they wouldn’t accept them wrapped so i had to undo them myself.  Just Imagine how they’re gonna be counting all of that. Wow. LOL!

Today I go out and record some kids football out in Destrehan That should be good. as long as I’m able to be stationary.

I’ve been Traveling the world on Foursquare for badges.it’s a shame but it’s fun to check in to some of those places even though for the most part i haven’t left the state in years.  and as i said, getting the badges makes it funnier.   For example, I got a “you’re not in Kansas anymore” badge.   as well as a badge for checking in to NFL events  where 250+ people were. Obviously I wasn’t in Phoenix yesterday. but spoofing your phone location is pretty easy in that case.  Aside from that, I check in from the PC. Getting points like crazy ..lol NO LIFE! lol

I’ve been assisting Kwame with his campaign, but not so much as of late. maybe its because my timing is bad. I’ll catch up with him in a few days. Hopefully Thursday I'll be up and out to make things happen.

There’s a Battle of the bands Saturday, I hope ole boy is out there to i can ignore him thoroughly.smh. that’s all i have right now.

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