Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Another Misconception about Hazing In Bands

As Explained a in the last 3 entries, many folks assume that hazing is something that goes on In broad daylight at all times OR at Practices under the directors watch. No that’s usually not the case.

The Other Misconception is that Physical Hazing Happens Daily In Marching Bands. That’s not True at all.  Most people tend to think that Hazing is done as punishment, but it’s not.  

Like Bullying, Hazing is also a mechanism of intimidation.  As a Crab, Your Duty is basically to Be Quiet, Don’t speak to until spoken to and do what you’re told, or asked of to do. 

Lets say a Crab is standing at Attention Looking forward.. The Upperclassmen may stand in front of you and Do or say something to make you  laugh, Smile, Talk or Break Rank (as in Moving out of position )  when you’re not supposed to.  Then if you Do, consequences are Push Ups or laps & things of that nature.

In many cases That’s Can happen daily But I personally feel that It’s part of conditioning .  I can give you a similar situation with Hazing that makes it All Bad.

Lets say it’s the  same scenario, yet instead of having you do Push ups,  He slaps you on the back of your neck..  You’ve probably heard of it by now “Necking” or  Getting Necked  could do all kinds of damage to the head and spine if done excessively an aggressive manner. Getting Necked is not fun at all.

Believe it or not, Necking is not only a band thing..  It’s also used  In “Wrong Answer / Dumb Answer” situations  among non bands men, yet they don’t actually Hit the person hard. they just say “NECK”  with a light tap or slap on the persons neck.

I’ve even saw it on The Rev Run Show Diggy Simmons for example did it to his Older brother . It’s one of those “Things”

You’ve probably heard someone in your lifespan say “Give me some Neck” with their hand sticking out…  Well yeah. Getting necked for the post part requires someone's head to be faced down  so the bare neck is exposed .Those kind of things happen and are not good..

All in all. Necking is Not even a common thing anymore from what I know. Many  Known "Hazing War Stories” of the past are History because The bands have been on guard trying to change how they do things .  Daily Physical Hazing is probably Seldom. but These random Hazing Sessions for Initiation Purposes are Commonly done a few times during the members first semester.. That’s not Conditioning. That’s Brutal Ignorance.

Many Elements have yet to be explained .. at least by me.

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