Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Attending The Forums


I’ve been attending these Forums & Town hall meetings in support of Kwame Smith in his run for the OPSB. To put things in Retrospect. I’ll just say I’ve met and am still meeting a lot of people. The Irony of meeting some of these people are the indirect connections shared with myself.

Some  faces I know or have seen around, others I have met for the first time.  For example.  There was Larry P. who knows my mom & dad and I actually remember his brother Deuce, Larry thought I was my older brother. I also met JoCu, an activist who also knew my dad.  I’ve also met some Political figures over this time. 

Although I’ve met and shaken hands with them at last months Forum. Today I formally met Leslie Ellison Who’s running in District E. through  her assistant Nayita who I actually met just  hours before  while getting seated.  It was amazing to me that they both knew my cousin Kevin who’s an established photographer with his own business.


In the Above Picture to the left is Nayita,  Leslie Ellison’s in the middle and I cant quite remember the lady to the right’s name. but it was great meeting them

Yesterday after the town hall meeting  I spoke with my Jr. High School Principle Mr. Goodwin after the event. I basically explained to him that I’m new to participating in events  as such and that It amazes me that the turnout is so small., Yet on the rebound is that the People are either misinformed or are not listening.

Sometimes I wish that the whole city was able  attend Forums like tonight. Although it wasn’t a debate, it was a forum for those who want to be elected or re elected for seats on the school board to speak their minds in regard to what matters to them.  Even with  the limitations they had. I believe that many candidates were on point with there messages.

I have some work to do so at this point  This is all I have for you. I’m Closing..

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