Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have my Last.FM on Deck.

I’ve Tried Waze GPS. yet i don’t have a car so I think i can get rid of it.
I Got my Luchadore Mask and my Lens hood now.
<--- that’s the mask  (obviously)

I’ve been doing some crazy tweeting as of late. one got a music industry celeb to follow me, crazy right? other than that I came up with some madness. I’ll show you what I tweeted. but not in “Tweet” form.

I was messing with my boy Charles about making a gospel Album on his label LOL



Here’s the Track Listing

  1. Jesus Is A Home - The Remix
  2. Holdin It Down For the LAWD!
  3. Zodiac Lies
  4. Flex On The Devil  ft Phil Wade Laughing out loud
  5. Bar Mitzvah In The Club ft 50 Cent
  6. Twerk it for Jesus ft Choppa Style
  7. “Shake The Devil Off “ Bounce Remix
  8. Praise Be To Allah – Mike Tyson
  9. Rock me Bartimaeus
  10. “His Sorrowful Passion” – Featuring The Catholic Priests from WLAE Laughing out loud
  11. “Riverboat Hallelujah" Featuring Breeze LOL
  12. BONUS TRACK: Rock The Ark ft Aaliyah lol

Yeah That’s when you’re bored..

I got more to say.. when i get back!

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