Monday, October 01, 2012

My Opinion on the TSU Hazing Situation

Being somewhat of an HBCU Band Enthusiast  (Bandhead) I know from a Former bandsmen's stand point understand how the system works. and It needs to be explained.  I see the news Interviewing a lot of people who have no idea what goes on in HBCU bands. Since the Situations at Southern and Jackson state in 2008 and 09, The FAMU situation of 2011 as well as all the Hazing Situations Between those as well as Recently involving HBCU  Marching Bands or Organizations within the band itself.

Now Texas Southern is in the News and  It’s All over CNN, the Huff Post, Everywhere. I didn’t know That many people cared about TSU’s band to be such a big Report. Other bands in recent cases have only been discussed within Local news or on Band websites.

As for what The Ocean, I don’t know any Details on what happened  but The News basically explained that  The possible Victims mom made accusations of Hazing with paddling involved. and that it Occurred In the Trumpet Section. That news broke and  then got The Band Suspended while on the way to a performance. If It’s Found to be True I commend him  for reporting it and With the  Investigation Is Underway,  I’m just glad The School has done their part to assure that Anything Else won’t be coming out of the band.  It’s Messed up for the rest of the band but it had to be done to Protect the band if not the Students themselves.  I Think it’s time for All HBCU Do their Part and Tackle these issues before it gets around to them.

At this Point I’ll just wait till the Investigation is over and hope that the Oceans suspension can be lifted before this Southern University Game. The Jukebox is the Oceans biggest Rival and if The Ocean isn’t there. I am not attending the game.

I just hope the news get’s it right  and stop reporting everything they get from any source.

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