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The Code Of Silence


The News Media are wondering why Nobody In The  Band is Talking about this Hazing Situation.  That’s the same thing they wondered about Florida A&M. and In Other Cases. They always use the term “Code of Silence”.  Yet is it Really a Code of Silence? No because the band member Can not speak on a subject in which they were not involved in

In A Hazing Case  The Only True Code of Silence are between those who Are involved Are guilty and the possible victims. Why?  Because it’s to Protect the rest of the band. Although they’ve  already ruined it for everybody They don’t want to say anything that could harm the band even more.

Yet  Hazing Is stupid and senseless and should always be reported because because it does nothing good for the band or an individual member.  Therefore IMO when it’s reported Those Involved need to Take there lick and AT LEAST speak to AUTHORITIES not to the Media.

To Expound on the  Code of Silence

It Is understood across the Nation that no organization wants everybody outside of the organization to Know how or why they do the things they do to be successful

Over my Timespan in band  I’ve heard These saying Most of my life “What Goes on In Band Stays In Band,” & ”What goes on in the Band room Stays In The Band Room”.
That doesn’t mean not to report something bad, that’s basically stated so members cant share Information with people who are not Members of our band

With That said ,  It is common Knowledge  to believe that what goes on in one section of the band, is typically not known by the Rest of the band;  especially if its not something that was witnessed by the band. So when something bad happens Usually nobody outside of the ranks knows what’s going on other than those who may be involved.

In My Lifetime I’ve heard countless war stories of Hazing, initiations, fights, All Kinds of things lots of it may have not been true or if so, obviously exaggerated just to make themselves as individuals look good or to make their band seem BETTER Than others (or worse in terms of initiation), All of It is not a good Thing but it’s all part off the Band experience.

To this day aside from the arguments among rivals; Current and former bandsmen share stories On line about their personal experiences in band. Many stories are our War Stories and . they’ll always be discussed publically  Other Traditions and Customs are not shared with The Whole band community to protect each bands Traditions.

It Can’t Be a Code of Silence  If Hazing  is  commonly discussed Openly on public online Forums,  Right?

I’ll put it this way for Example

Anybody can make a Hamburger but Not everyone can tell you how to make The Special Sauce on a Big Mac. Why? because its Ingredients are only known by those who Manufacture The Sauce. The Manufacture Is Contracted to Make the Product & Not to share The Ingredients of the sauce.

There’s also the person who makes the Big Mac. He or She does not know how to make the the sauce, but he sells it to you and you eat it because it tastes good. Yet If you ask him or her How the Sauce is Made, He or She has no clue. nor does the Store Manager nor the Franchise Owner because Because They are not The Sauce Manufacturers . But If they work in the biz they might take some of that sauce home to put on their own sandwiches.

To Put It This Way ….

The Customs of each section of the band Make up for the Bands Overall Presentation.
Things done in the Trumpet Section are shared among Trumpet players and are not to be shared with Members of the Flute Section

A Person in the Flute Section does not Know The Trumpet Sections Standard & Customs. and even though they’re in the same band, They’re  not part of the same Group that makes up The Tradition that That particular Section Upholds. But when Each section Plays their Roll, The band Looks and sounds Great.

My Reason for saying that is

Although its all part of the same Package, for the most part each section  adds a different element to the band. They Cant Make Music if the Elements are not all Brought to the Table When Necessary.. The things that make that section Great is only Understood by that Sections Members

I Know I just Repeated myself a whole bunch of times but the Point is 
What Happens in the Band Usually Stays In The Band. Anything Beyond it Is Public Information.

But If you as an Outsider asked about What happened and You’re not In That Persons Organization.. You will be denied an Answer

Hey If I walk up to a member of Any band and say “What Happened at Practice Yesterday” .. They won’t tell me unless I give them some details about what I already know. .. Yet They still aren’t going to be Informal about what happened because I’m not a member of their band and It’s not my personal business what goes on in their ranks

That’s How it works Folks.

Note From The Book

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