Sunday, October 21, 2012

No It’s not a Job, But I do It Cause I like it

As I explained in the previous entry, My brother called Hounding me about getting a job because I don’t need to be Taking folks pictures for money because its not a real job. Nor should i fix computers cause its not a real job.

Yeah they’re both hobbies, yet i’m skilled at them and if it makes me money I’ll do it. for the money. My brother finds fault in everything i do. as if i do things for free.  He feels that I shouldn’t sell pictures because  it’s not a job and its not something  i could do for the rest of my life.

Please note I’ve fixed PC’s and Taken Pictures for nearly 8 whole years before i charged someone to do it. and THAT he doesn’t like.. yet apparently I need a real job because the money i make from it isn’t enough to live off.  OFCOURSE I KNOW THIS.

One .. I NEED TO GET IN SCHOOL.. Yet When I tell my Brother this He says .. You will not be able to find a job Here Doing That Anybody can Fix a Computer  or Anybody can take Pictures and Build a Webpage. 

Basically he feels that Things dealing with Computers are unreal. yet i’ve worked in  the fields.. I told this man i was Assisting someone in a Campaign and he goes off on me because He feels like I’m always helping people out but Apparently i have nothing going for myself..

He looks at the fact that I know people in Business who are Teachers, Preachers and whatever.. yet he feels like Those paths are  things ANYONE can do.. YES THEY ARE but THEY WENT TO SCHOOL TO DO THAT!

My point is .. I have Skilled Trades Just from Personal Experience and Work experience in the fields. Yet I’m Not Certified nor do i have a degree. When I make the moves to do so I’ll be All good.. I hate when folks Discourage me and Knock my Interests and have no understanding to Why i do those things .. IT MAKES ME HAPPY!..  THEY WONDER WHY I GO PLACES FREE, THEY WONDER WHY I KNOW ALL THESE PEOPLE .. Its because my Skill pays off sometimes..

Yet Everything I do Is Just Not a Real Job to my brother..  I’m an Artist. I sell my Work when Necessary.  YES I NEED A JOB but YOU FIND ME A REASONABLE PLACE TO WORK AND TELL ME THEY’RE HIRING!

I’m Not working in fast food
I’d Work at walmart but i can’t Stock anything with my back problems
I’d work at bestbuy but its too far away ..

I got Bills to pay off and they’re being paid off slowly but It’s dropping and im paying for it. Dude just doesn’t understand that I do make money.

WHERE EVER I CHOOSE TO WORK HE WILL NOT BE SATISFIED. but i wont care because it’ll be my job..
I believe that Someday He’ll stop bugging me

In the Meantime I’ll still take pics for money

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