Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some people just don’t get it

My Brother assumes that I know and talk to everybody so he tells me to not talk to people and all this other stuff,  Of course i can’t trust anyone in any situation but I’m not Friends with anyone in that area.

Basically  this guy was killed outside of the bar.a few weeks ago. My brother keeps asking me if im talking about it on facebook. No I haven’t i Have no reason to. But he assumes that I talk about that kind of thing alot.  I do think its pretty messed up that the guy was killed, but I don’t  how he lived he was just someone i had seen and taken pictures of before.

The only thing that bugs me about that situation is that the news tends to blame the bar & any bar for Crimes that happen near them.  Yes Criminals tend to Frequent bars but  what happens outside  typically has nothing to do with the business itself.  although either way The situation is messed up regardless because someone died and other folks homes were damaged because of it.  other than that It is what it is.  Just another murder in N.O.. but just because I knew him my brother acts like I hang with those folks in that place. smh

My Brother acts like I’m holding conversations about what happened out there. Then he goes off on me about everything I do and dont do.. and why i need to get a job.. Please note I was working on something for someone at the time and I needed to be off the phone .. He gave me an hour lecture about  My own life and why I cant  trust people and how Photography isn’t gonna buy me a house. smh

yeah.. next time he calls and does me that I’m just gonna hang up

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