Monday, December 10, 2012

It’s amazing how things happen.

As I said before in the past and I've told this girl before, that at my age it’s hard to find a woman that does not have kids, and I’m pretty sure any woman with or without kids, wants a man with kids as well.  Yet I've seen in many cases that some folks chose each other for the wrong reasons.  

Its one thing to want stability in your life, but wanting  someone with a face or body as a substitute for your values in a person is not a good thing. I know everyone wants someone who’s pleasant to look at, but in a sense, if that’s all they have to offer, It’s not going to work out forever. 

I halfway held that conversation with my girl yesterday while in the store.  It’s why I feel that in this day in age I’d probably have to help turn someone's life around. in a sense of this chick tho. She  has a head on her shoulders, she just seemed to have stumbled upon a lot  dudes who weren’t living the way she really needed to.

I personally aint living how i should be at my age. at this point It’s required of me to make bigger moves or else i won’t be seeing her long… <--- The kinds of thinks I spend time overthinking about. but I’m good with it because if anything happens, It won’t affect me so badly. 

I think I'll stop here and continue in the future.

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