Thursday, December 20, 2012

Name Changes & Christian Hierarchy.

Think about this.. in with Islam. Black Muslims of both the NOI & Moorish Science Temple  change or adapt new names after embarking upon the Knowledge which which makes them a greater being.  Many of the leaders & rulers of the worlds Many nations, as well as Religious Leaders have all had name changes as well as special Titles as they've exceed in Hierarchy   In the Bible, those who walked with Jesus or were asked to lead  Gods honor were given new names when ordained.

In Christianity today when a person is considered born again is after a Baptism by water. as Jesus did.  It’s is supposed to be a Spiritual & Mental & Physical Purification Process (IN THE NAME OF JESUS),  as to where a person Voluntarily submits & devotes themselves & their lives to God  Other than that  There is no name change, no title given.

With that said Jesus'  name (Excluding translations) was always The same. Otherwise he had Many Titles.."The Christ" is the most "Honorable" to who he was in existence as man.

Like Jesus, No Other Christian changes their name. After a Baptism. What we’re supposed HAVE is a New Respect for our Lives as it is considered Renewal of Self in Honor and true devotion of God after the Technically Submerging beneath the waters to  Bury the sins of our past by Repenting in remission for our own sins. A PURIFICATION of SELF IN HONOR OF GOD!

Otherwise  it Feeds a Super Christian Ego as As they Become “Holier than thou”with the big Invisible  “My Personal Jesus/God is Greater than Yours”  as if  Denomination is the greatest thing that has happened to mankind.  On Top of that some of these people continue doing what they were doing Long before they were Baptized anyway just Disobeying the whole Purpose of Purification .. Just doing it to say they were baptized. and even that in itself is a ritual yet it is a ritual taken directly from the bible and was approved by Jesus himself. Many have made it seem “Cult-Like”. But with that said.. After It’s done, There’s still No New name  Given..No Special Title given.

Yet the Pope who leads the Catholic faith gets to change his name .. Eventually They become Sanctified and are praised as Saints in their deaths with New Fancy names.

Why Is That? .. (Rhetorical Question).

Not to Offend anyone because i know that many of you will not agree, but Catholicism in my opinion is the cult of Christianity.  The Pope is King  of a brainwashed group of people. people who understand god but have a false sense of God Conscious to even worship him beyond a Governing Body that tells them how they should worship God.

He has you calling Priests "Father" and Nun's "Mother"  ... GOD IS THE FATHER! and I'm sure you weren't born of a virgin. . I’m Not Asking Catholic folks to change their religious practices, but I would encourage them to as well as other Christians to go to god and Research for better knowledge and understanding of what it is that they do. NO MAN on this earth that can get you to god Faster than you yourself.

There’s so much else i can Go on that has nothing to do with Catholics but they’re an easy target. Many Practices of the Other Christian Denominations  Along with Rankings, Titles Positions in the church are man made For Self Importance” and are not of God. But because they are traditional Rituals. they’re constantly being Practiced.. even Holidays (HOLY DAYS)

I’m Not a Follower of any other religion but Christianity. but I research other religions as a way to make me a stronger in my faith. Hey, I was raised attending churches of multiple denominations. And although I consider myself as part of the Pentecostal denomination, I’m not a “Super Christian” of the Domination .. People tend to meet the “Super Christians” an assume the Pentecostal denomination is a Cult of Insanity … I spend a lot of time Joked out at my own denomination because there is truth behind many of those theories that folks just don’t Get it. I know that Catholics have super Christians as well. and all they do is make it worse for all who are Catholic.

Following Christianity is to be “Christ Like” or  “Following the Path/Word of Christ/GOD”  Many of these Religions (Denomination) came about long after he died. I don’t think he would agree to many of the practices had he been alive today.

Lastly I’d hope that people Stop Following wicked Religious Practices.  Open your minds and wake up, Watch and see for yourselves,  Understand that the Only Kingdom is Gods Kingdom. and that Kingdom is Within you.. Understanding simple things like that should encourage you as a human being to be a better follower of Christ.

Book - The Conscious Christian

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