Friday, December 21, 2012

Now That The World has Ended

I’m having fun, Responding to folks pages who are like “ it’s 12am  and nothing’s happened” ..  i’m like “yes it did, you’re still here .. You’ve been LEFT BEHIND! LOL!

It’s even funny to see the pastors joking about the ignorance of mankind. That kind of sense of humor is an amazing thing  Twitter and Facebook are LIVE at the moment! lol

it’s so funny the images being displayed.. There are many who have taken “Serious” roles trying to ignore or fight against the ignorance/stupidity.  Some folks should lighten up and have fun. I’m a strong believer and I could care less. There are angry Non believers thumping the bible because of this Mayan Mumbo Jumbo LOL!

I LOVE THIS! 12/21/12 WOOHOO! Its over! .. APOCOLYPSE NOW! lol

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