Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Nothingness continues

at this point I know exactly what I must do to keep this girl. Generally, that’s be a Man, a man who can stand on my own two feet without depending on anyone, not even her. I like her for who she is. I like talking to her, looking at her. many things about her. hopefully I can get her to agree with some of my philosophy.

This week I helped her do her financial aid appeal, practically rewriting the whole thing. I’m not a great writer but i do understand that what I m here to do is assist. even if I’m not doing it correctly. Laughing out loud 

I Honestly hope that she values me as much as i value her. as well as the fact that i need to let her know that things that she may find as pleasing or appealing to herself, does not effect me much. and that’s the reason nothing was happening on that level.

I just want the girl to know that my love is more universal than being about a few lil things. I’m glad I’m with her because I’m able to express openly with her how i feel about things that affect me. It’s crazy doing so because she has lots to learn about love as well as myself who has a lot to learn about life.   I appreciate her being.

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