Sunday, January 20, 2013

So Much To Give

Currently Listening to Barry White and after a weekend of watching a good movie (Silver Linings Playbook) Makes me think. Especially with things being uttered over the weekend. I’m very happy truthfully. The Problem I’ve having is simple.  I’m dealing with the secular being. and I Refuse to let The Secular being in myself become bigger than my Spiritual being.

The reason I say This is simply because of what I’m currently dealing with and the things that may be expected of me or asked of me. My Views as far as religion goes is my way of life and I try hard to abide by many rules. There are also common things that seem morally insane  but those are the things people do, whether they’re single, married or just out there in the streets.

I honestly ask for prayer in dealing with the struggles of my life. it’s time to make moves. I’m glad that I have what I have in my life. I really need to speak more about what I believe. because I can not let secular influences take ahold of my spirit.  I’ve already done enough wrong in God’s eyes, Those things I’ve prayed about in the past and have asked for forgiveness many of those things I have not even given up. Yet I must because its best for me to Obey what I believe is truth than to die in my sins because of it.

Making Moves is what 2013 is about for me.

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