Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Happened To The Bands?

Sometimes when we constantly ask "What Happened" when there's a decline yet we always know the common reason. but we tend to Refuse to acknowledge the truth regarding the lack of consistency with our bands/band programs.

Such as the fact that Jr.High School Football shut down in 1999-2000. so a lot of cats after 2000 came in to High School with no knowledge of Playing Ability Marching Terminology, Drill Technique & concepts.

n 2003 came and all our bands Sucked on the field and if they didn't totally suck, they just lacked field Presence. and truthfully it was that way before the 2000's came though. after 96 a N.O bands half time show was not the most entertaining thing to see.. it was all about Crankage

Even today bands still struggle with field presence (as compared to the guys in Baton Rouge) The only Difference is.. There's a more Universal approach to HS bands in N.O now who now seem to have adapted a more collegiate format to their drills. and yes its kind of a refresher.
back to the past...

Also by 2003 The Jr High Schools all became "Middle Schools" and Bands were being phased out slowly due to "Leap Preparedness" programs ..

by 2004 those middle school bands were marching in merged groups, Katrina hits "BOOM" no middle schools ... High Schools functioned with Fresh faces and folks with lack of skill up until middle school bands programs started coming back.
But the question is,is it an excuse or is it just a valid reason? The same thing happened in Memphis and ATL.. BIG DECLINE...and you cant really blame the directors because there's a cycle that continues to roll and repeat. it all starts from the Lower level...

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