Monday, October 21, 2013

She’s gotten bold

The Wrote on her page “Facebook, Meet Ryan” with a picture of the guy. of course I knew that she had been doing this, but now she’s made it publicly clear that she’s with someone else. Now I have nothing to say to her altogether, I honestly liked this girl a lot at some point in my life. I thought it was love, but I saw myself disconnecting long time ago.

I believe that She’s going to be happy with this man, Obviously I wasn’t the one for her, Apparently I was only a service provider to her anyway. I just hope he doesn’t hurt her when she finds out who she really is. I also hope that she doesn’t make up lies to her family about me. 

I myself am a simple guy who lives a simple life, she wanted to be wined and dined with heavy freaky sex, I am not like that. I have morals and I believe in God. In a way I hope that her dad does not call me to talk about it because I have nothing to say for it. It’s her personal life, she can do as she pleases. My only question is, Why did she chose to mess me over in the process.

I appreciate her for being part of my life and showing me exactly the kind of woman  I don’t want to be with …

Wow!, JUST WOW!!

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