Friday, February 07, 2014

A Throwback moment.

After Uploading this photo to Instagram, It reminded me of the summer events which lead up to me being so Talented. LOL!.

This was Summer 1995 I was at The Nelson Elementary school Summer camp which was called "Project 7"  on this particular day we got a visit from The Newly Elected Mayor of the city Marc Morial.
At the time I had no clue what it meant to be a mayor, but after he spoke. I knew he was somebody important. Which caused me to Greet him as he was exiting our cafetorium. Although we were asked to remain seated. I walked up to Mayor Morial and asked "Can I take a Picture with Ya?"  He was like "Sure!" and I gave my Camera to one of his constituents who then snapped the picture.

That was a very proud moment for me, I could remember my cousin Kevin yelling 'YEAH JOSH!!!" as it was happening. I went to sit back down  not really knowing who he was. but I knew that i was proud of what I had done.

With that said.. I remember this summer being very eventful for me.  Aside from the trips we had went on and the projects we had worked on. I could remember being in Mrs May's Sister's class. I forgot her name. though.  Ironically this lady was the one who got me put into the Talented and Visual Arts Program which I remained in from 6th Grade to Graduating high school. I was put there because she remembered me drawing on Index cards a whole lot.  Not only that. I was recommended by a number of teachers along with her. Ironically this is the same summer I walked around with a camera ...

Fast Forward and I remember taking the Test at Carver High School.. Fast Forward I remember Not Knowing that they had it at Phillips Jr High.. Fast Forward.. 3rd year of Jr High.I was recommended for NOCCA along with my boy Mike Jones. Fast Forward a year later I was doing Too Much while attending NOCCA and I get knocked out of the system...  I'm back in TFA ...  Fast Forward  To Now and I'm pretty much known for my work with a Camera .. It's Wild to me..

and it all goes back to THAT photo which reminded me of the fact that I've had talent as such my whole life.. I have applied it constantly but I always fell short at completing the things i have started... The Cycle continues yet I know I will maintain as life goes on..  I am Thankful for all things that have gotten me some kind of recognition in  my life..

So Much to say.. No Words to say though...

--  The Book 

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