Thursday, February 06, 2014

Music, Awards, The Nati.. All that

Although I didn't watch the Grammy's I paid attention to my timeline regarding the many subjects at hand.. One of those subjects was the Illuminati because everybody connects everything to the Illuminati because its the "Thing to do"  Ironically we live in times where everybody's paying attention to Pop Culture Conspiracy surrounding The Music Industry and Hollywood. Yet they fail to realize the Biblical side of it all.

This Brings me to the fact that There was a long debate about Natalie Grant's reason for walking out on the of the Grammy Awards. and I sure agree with her on doing so. There was so much Secular Loathing in that place that it became an unhealthy place for the mind of the True Christian. No doubt. year after year things like this has been done and will be done. but it doesn't mean that we as christians have to accept it all.

Not to get too deep into that because there are many layers to it. I just read  some stuff on info wars about the situation. and in reading that it should let folks know that Satanism and Occultism and The whole Secular Movement is Pure evil. even if you're atheist and is following the same path. You are partaking in evil.

With that said.I also personally believe that Not everybody I am a fan of in entertainment believes in God, and even if they do. they may not have the same values that I do. That won't prevent me from being a fan of their work. because their personal lives have NO affect on my personal life.  Nor does their Work life.

Christianity is becoming scares and I see this on my timeline daily. and IMO That's just Them. I will not stop being a friend of a person who does not share my beliefs, I sure won't influence them to believe what i believe because everyone has a choice to do as they please. My duty is not to lead them to the promised land it which I believe. because if they don't believe it they'll never get there.  

.I really don't know what to say here but. .. When Tying all secular behavior to the scriptures, it tends to make sense. whether it be a political, sports, entertainment issue or whatever.  There are distractions. The Illuminati wants us to be distracted so they can make their moves.  many people pay way to much to the small things that they Miss the important stuff. 

At the end of the day... We Its eating the subconscious of many,which causes them to unconsciously make moves that can forever cripple them into Following what is Evil.... I'm Out.

- The Book 
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