Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Boy Big Vis Passed away

File:Big V.pngI said that like I knew this fella personally, I didn't but I have had the Opportunity to see him perform both at  live and All over the world Via WWE RAW Television as well.. Over night I heard the News  about his Death, and I was shocked.  He passed away at the age of 43, It was only a few days after his birthday and of all things this man died in the middle of Black History month, In this month WWE's honoring its Black Superstars is ending with a Death of a on of the most Memorable Superstars of the Attitude Era.

 Big Vis, a nickname he was given by those Superstars & fans who acknowledged him by "Viscera" a character prior to the "Big Daddy V" gimmick, was very large in size & stature. A Black man who  I remember seeing as part of a Black wrestling stable called "Men On A Mission:  He wrestled under the name of Mabel alongside Mo  where they won Tag team gold.  Although I didn't see  many Matches  due to my family not having cable at the time. I remember the Trio very well.  And of course  via WWE,com  & Youtube I was able to relive some of those matches & feuds  Prior to the Attitude Era.

I Knew of his stint as King Mable because because of the highlights during his return as "Mabel" in the Attitude era, This came about during the  "The Ministry of Darkness" Angle where was sacrificed (off Air) and Returned to action as Viscera..a Dark gimmick  where he shed the Bright Purple & Gold colors to a black Outfit & a  leather Jacket. AT this time he was paired up  with Dennis Knight who wrestled as Mideon of the Ministry of Darkness, both Like The Acolytes were  Henchman  of The Undertaker & and a Vital part of the Tag Team Division. and even Won the Tag Titles  and Himself Winning The Hardcore Title, Keeping the Gimmick although the Stable was debunked.

After being off air and likely released in the early 2000's He returned after the Invasion Angle to competed in singles competition as a once again as a heel (Bad Guy)  using the name Viscera Still , Eventually after a few Raunchy Segments he was called "The Worlds Largest Love Machine" Although still a bad guy. He eventually became a Face (Good Guy) due to the crazy antics presented in the ring or at the shows.  Everyone loved to see Big Vis.

Around 2007 WWE brought back ECW as a TV show, yet  Acknowledging it as a Separate promotion in a sense due to It having its own Champions as RAW and Smackdown did as separate brands.
Big Vis. returned to the ring in ECW as "Big Daddy V"  to dominate, and that's exactly what he did. This gimmick was AWESOME although WWE seemed to be trying to revived Vaders gimmick Him.  Big Vis made that gimmick His own.

The Photo Below is He along side former WWE Superstar Val Venis.some time after WWE.

At this point He No Longer had the Gold/Black  Mohawks nor Big baggy Jackets, This time Big Vis wore standard  black wrestling Pants. with straps which displayed his full torso &  every tattoo on his upper well as every Layer of fat folding in his torso.

As Big Daddy V,  He Seemed to be at his best in the ring. He's had matches & maneuvers worthy of watching, Some time in the midst of this gimmick, He was Released as WWE's Wellness Policy's begin to change.. His Iissue was a Weight Issue.. Although it was obvious that he was a Heavy Set man. He seemed to be Very Agile in the ring at times.. And as a Fan, you look beyond their health because you've been sucked in to their character so much that you want to see him all the time.

After than. I remember watching an interview where he didn't have his Gold teeth in, He was clean and seemed to have lost some weight.(not a lot though(  He started doing movies. In fact i recently Awesomest Maximus on Netflix where he had a short role.  I really didn't care for the movie as a whole though. I Also saw a few matches from his Time In Japan as well. I Hoped for his return to WWE because he he just looked totally different than the Average superstar in these times.

With all That said,  It tells you  I am a big fan of Wrestling Fan and fan of the WWE.  And one who Loves to follow the Gimmicks of WWE wrestlers Preferably over their Real Lives. As a Fan of his, I know I will miss seeing him perform. I'm just glad that with the WWE Network coming about, I'll have the opportunity to watch his matches over and over on demand.

I'm going to Miss Big Vis!
Rest In Peace Nelson Frazier.Jr.

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