Wednesday, February 19, 2014

its 2014 and I'm a Scam Victim.

And it's gotten me nearly $3000 in the hole...
As smart as I am I am with these things now the victim of a scam. Long story short. It started on facebook. with the name Ishola Muri. She asked for help with a package,  RED FLAG I'm not fond of sending packages to anyone but i decided that I'd do this anyway. I was sent a load of Items to send to this girl who lives in Nigeria. RED FLAG I should have Stopped there.  but myself trying to be nice. I fell for it.

I went to FedEx to have this item shipped it was 400$ to do so. I didn't ship. Therefore I asked them to send me Money Via Paypal or money Gram to have this all done.. They denied RED FLAG While insisting that I give them ALL OF MY INFO... RED FLAG   I Denied them of that, but i should have stopped talking to this person altogether.

They used to Information that I did give them  Name. Number, Email to contact me by phone. It was a man not a woman sending on Behalf of this girl.  RED FLAG    at this point. They Gave me information to use to make the purchase  RED FLAG The one I tried  was a void account. and They sent the package half way.. It The Account did not work. Now I Owe FedEx Money that I do not have. RED FLAG

 After asking them multiple times to MoneyGram or Paypal me.  They told me that they will send money, even after begging for my Info. Aside from that. I had only heard from the Ishola via Facebook.  Then  Yesterday I received a text from a number telling me that they sent the check overnight.  saying  That I was going to receive a check and to cash it.. RED FLAG  suddenly Over Night I Received a check and deposited it. LIKE A DUMMY because I realized the RED FLAG after i made the deposit.

From one Number, I received messages stating what to do with the Money when I get it RED FLAG.. Which I assumed that I was only going to be paying for a Shipment   So I deposited nearly Those funds into the bank. Not thinking about the fact that it was a Personal Check from a Personal Check, That was delivered from a Company Address    RED FLAG x10   
Then I got a messege Stating that The Email and Phone accounts for their company has been Hacked and to Not Contact the number that sent me messages prior to...  Meanwhile Both number sent me information on what to do with these funds ..  THEN IS HIT ME!! because I SURE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE RED FLAGS ..


I checked All the numbers of contact. I found out that One of the numbers was a Big Scam via THAT LINK  The number was  (424) 253-8518 These were supposedly the representatives claiming to be Fuga Energy Company  Out of Los Angeles, California, There someone stated that they sent a voided Cashiers check.. Oh the amount of Flags on this  They even gave me someone elses information telling me to money gram them. with the remainder of the funds after I send the package.

The Second number was (847) 893-9253 I could not confirm. but They contacted me
 which contacted me about the their accounts being hacked then asked me not to talk with the 424 number . They  Also Asked me to Confirm my Email address with them at An AOL email address. They even called from that same number The guy had an African accent.

This Prompted me to contact the Company via their website and By phone to Tell them everything. The Representative i talked to basically told me that They have been the receiver of many calls related to these types of scams.  I asked her about the Address. She said that They don't even have an Office in Los Angeles. Ca, Nor do they go by that name, because that name is a brand.   After taking with her. I told her that I will share whatever information with her for her to confirm.. after this. i went to the bank. Their company is in Arizona ,

There'is also a this number (769) 218-0505 who claims to be a representative for an orphanage. A representative for the Ishola Girl. I have ignored the calls and blocked the Person from facebook ...

I went to the back to tell the Teller the situation. she told me that at this time, there's nothing they can do about the check other than to Wait until tomorrow. She also let me know that the check was a phony and that it's likely that they will charge me for this transaction. At this point i have seized all contacts with.Those who have been contacting me BEFORE this blew up, because at this point I am In the Hole.

Boy, I should not have done any of this to begin with  I will have to hurry and start making money real fast to make this thing happen for me. because I can't afford to be in a hole this deep.  at this point i have a copy of the check  and the address it came from.  which Is phoney.. and all this information will be ready to be printed soon.

all in all. This is why I hate to send things and or receive things from folks i really don't know. If I could win the lottery one good time all of my  financial Woe in this area would disappear.

Maybe this is  a Trial period, A Learning Period and a period where i need to take it up with God. because I didn't ask for this and God forbid I have to go to jail for being so stupid..

Prior to writing all of this I contacted the banks Alert system. I will see what else i can do, I hope everything is fine once this is over.

This really sucks,

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