Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Listening to the Reggae!

At the Moment,  I'm Listening to The Reggae Station on my Pandora page. and even though I'm not familiar with many of the artists or how dated the songs are. I typed in the artist I'm familiar with. and went from there.  Most start out with Bob Marley  and keep a "Bob Marley" based station. I started my station based on Barry Brown's Music. eventually Adding other Carribian Artist who may not be directly reggae as well.

Here's a Quick List of Artist I have familiarized myself with over time to create this station.. And Although there are many RECENT artist as of 2000's i haven't added them to the station or lists because them because many are Dance Hall Artists. Not saying i don't LIKE it, but too much of it is unnecessary. I like some of that SKA related reggae.. But here's the list that made up the station so far.
Here Goes though.

Barry Brown
Peter Tosh
Max Romeo
Barrington Levy
Buju Banton
Eek A Mouse
K.C. White
Bob Marley (and the Wailers)
Stephen Marley
Damien Marley
Junior Ried
Steel Pulse
Black Uhuru
African Head Charge
Steel Pulse
Gregory Isaacs
Bounty Killer

At this point I may end up adding Maxi Priest and Shabba Ranks Soon. but as you can see where my  Tastes are..and this isn't just to Rep that i listen to reggae because for most people here in AMERICA lol these folks don't know anything beyond The Recent Artist and Bob Marley .. All they do is say "I listen to Marley, Smoke Weed and have Dreads, That Automatically makes me a Rasta" ... That's STUPID! lol but in reality. I think the sound is great.

I may end up adding some of my Liked Artists to the Influence list as well. like Don Carlos for example. I'm being Reintroduced to at the moment Via Pandora...
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