Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thought's on Education: Continuation

A friend of mine Raquel replied to my post via facebook which stated what I recently blogged.

Raquel writes Josh, its a big weigh in cause there are alot of factors involved. Yes, for the most part---their decisions create their life experiences, but what motivates them? If they are put in an environment where their peers want to succeed in life and make something of themselves as opposed to being surrounded by peers that want nothing more than to get high and thug ....what do you think will happen? I've found this out for myself and as a parent, I put Abel in a better school district. (Couldn't afford private school) It has been a serious struggle but I think I can manager. 

My Thought's Following This Post was

Excellent post Raquel! There are so many levels to it. Basically, and just as you said with Able! (BIG ABEL!!!!!!!! LOL) Sometimes you have to do what you KNOW is in the best interest of your child, especially when you realize that the child made bad decisions of their own. either way you can't totally avoid those kind of experiences, you can only suppress them to a point of ensuring that he child gets on a track where they're able to move forward.. because all in all education is about moving forward..

ts not the school that makes the child better. it's the ability to fiction and succeed in any environment. its the choice of the parent to act before they see the decline.. I also believe that the it's the child choice to either want to stay at School they a tend (if they are progressing) .. or move on if they do feel that they'd rather be in better environment to focus on their studies.

But we know kids don't think about their studies, they think about the fun and mischievous things .. and that's where parents have the go to put their feet down

Hour's Later, Dee  Replies

Good Post Book...And you and Racquel have a valuable post...I myself went to a public school and finished out with a Doctorate Degree through out my educational years. I worked for the JPSO for one year, served in the military for 12 years (which included serving in Desert Storm and Afgahnistan,,,After my military term, I got married and had two beautiful children. I worked as a paralegal and now presently teaching (which my license holds two certification and I'm working on my third ... on the other hand my cousin went to a private school drop out of college after the first semester. She married at the age of 18 years old..had one child and working at what she calls a dead end job.

Raquel Replied giving some thanks do Dee for her service and also in agreeance., Afterwards, here was my Latest reply

Wow Dee, and yep to the both of yall. I wrote this this due to a conversation a I had with a friend about how some people want to force a false lifestyle on their kids based on their own reputations of building "men & women of standard" while upholding the family within the associated schools/organizations and what have you.. ...
In truth We all want to have something to be proud of and to brag about, but when the whole family is of the same bread craft, nobody is unique, they're just like Robots with no life beyond what their families allowed them to have in their youth. many of those are the kind of students that break away from family traditions in college where they can be themselves..

not saying there's something wrong with adapting and adhering to the values of your family, You don't wan't want to build a person with no character, no true personality... you don't a zombie . or an Carbon Copy at all, but you do want to build a productive american citizen. We want them to be proud of who They are, as well as proud to represent their family..

All in all child making their own decisions can allow them to experience something they can learn from in the process.

I myself am not a success, but I know that with the right knowlege applied i can either build Frankenstein or a someone who can survive outside what has been spoon fed to them.

That post Act's as somewhat a Concussion. Maybe not a Final thought, but for the moment it is, i may have more replies soon. I will post them  as well.

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