Monday, March 24, 2014

Makes Me Wonder.

You know, After being ejected from that relationship I thought I was in, I have found peace with the situation. yet I realize that I can't really totally get away from her. LOL!  Not necessarily a bad thing though. I haven't had any communication or contact from her. aside from the fact that she just comments & likes my facebook statuses. which I left public because i have Nothing to hide.

Being that she did re-add me as a friend. I decided to finally accept. I also realize that she finds me in other places on the web. I honestly wonder about her sometimes. yet at the same time I really don't care because of what she put me through mentally.  But all in all, I'm good. I hope to be "friends" with her someday. but now. I really can't accept her decisions because it's foolish.

Honestly I can't believe I was with a girl who just refused to claim to be by significant other.
who totally would Play me the way she did. Or would even Get married 3 months after Breaking the news that she had a new man.. as if i totally didn't exist.

Ironically the same thing happened to my boy Josiah! Crazy right.. #LIFE!
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