Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My Wrestlemania Weekend.. or whatever..

Due to the fact that I remained oddly busy between thursday and sunday. I wasn't able to go out as I really wanted to. Also, It rained. that wasn't gonna help/. Well. I watched the events unfold online and on TV really from the Articles, Facebook Groups, the PPV and all the hype here in N.O. that I didn't really get to see.

So I took my chances on Wrestlemania day bu going to the dome. I got decked out in my NWO shirt in honor of Scott Hall going to the Hall of Fame and my "Hounds of Justice" Dong Tags for the Shield. What a great deal that was.. When I loaded the bus, there was a guy asking me what I did with the cam.. He said he hosts party bus parties and wanted to holla at me.  So yeah..... I MIGHT start doing that..

Anyway.. I got off on canal. Turned at Bourbon because I heard a brass band. GREAT! it was the "One Mind brass band"  gigin' a few of my boys were out there on bourbon playing for the mania crowd! cool stuff!.

After a few minutes out there, I decided to hit up the Superdome. I met a group of out of towners on their way who had trouble getting there. I basically escorted and talked to them  while we headed directly to the dome.   After getting there  looking at all the crazy costumes, hearing the  chants and seeing all these people. I went to see if i could buy a ticket.... Nah.. WAY TOO MUCH FOR ME! lol I have bills to play, I chose to keep my money, I took my funds and came home.

On my way back, I spotted ECW Legend  Tommy Dreamer on Canal Street heading toward bourbon. .. When I made it home, I decided to check online, I found a feed to watch mania while participating in the facebook group and feeds

My asessment of Mania .. I'm glad that it was here.  There were many Great momments, Moments i wish didn't happen and Moments that were flat out dull. BUT i'm glad i watched.. I'm glad about who all went into the HOF and today RAW was awesome... New Orleans LOVES the Wyatt Family.. WOW! .. that's all i can say! to that... it was amazing.. LOL!
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