Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Dress Code

Year after year there are new Ordinances in places coming about that are telling people how they should dress in public. this day should have never come, but it is what it is. I have heard countless times people say  that Black People (or Young People) wouldn't get Harassed by Police Officers if they'd only Dressed better"   The Problem with that Myth is, there was a time where younger people , not only Blacks Did dress appropriately and were still harassed by polices officers. Generally because it had nothing to do with their clothes, It was because of their Skin Colors of their Actions.

There is a Profile that police use to identify possible criminals based on Behavior, Attire and even Possessions. and THEN Race place a factor. But among Racist people or even people just looking to Judge another person. they'll use How you present yourself in public against you at any cost. Which means that a person should take note and dress like they are Prepared for what ever it is they're about to do, prior to leaving their house. A Woman Dressing Modesty could prevent Sexual Harassment or even prevent people from  Saying bad things about them. Same for Me, It'll keep the police off your behind.

It's why people have used the term "Thug Attire" to describe a certain look especially if the person is Black or Latino. There's that whole thing about banning the wearing of Pajamas to in public THAT rule shouldn't even be existing same for  the "Sagging" situation..But generally the idea is in this day in age is .. True. there is a chance that nobody will have anything negative to say about you if you present yourself accordingly. because your perceived  status will generally be based off of how you LOOK for the most part and it's mostly a dead give away to who you are as a person..

I'm not the greatest dresser in the world, but I sure believe that I can dress better and that i should dress better. because at the end of the day. there's an appeal that you bring to the table and that appeal can bring forth great things instead of harassment.


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