Saturday, May 03, 2014

Voyage to ATL

My Trip was fairly long and great, Arby's is nice. Nut I didn't receive a cup in Evergreen Alabama.  LOL, I've paid lots of attention to my surrounding on this great day,, (or Yesterday) and I had no trouble getting to where I needed to be, I caught the MARTA train and everything, The hotel room is great. I'm happy and I'm glad, berry appreciative of this moment as well. DJ didn't have to do any of it. But he wanted Ne here, So I'm here because of him. That guy's GREAT!.

I've now formally met Eboney and Solomon, We ate at Vortex, Bar & Grill where we witnessed a reality show being taped before us, it was awesome & the food was great. I am thankful for them! Wow, wow!, wow!!!

Thank God for Opportunity, I've met a few important people in thru band world today, and I will likely meet more when these events kick off. I will likely have pictures of some of this stuff later (hopefully) I've got lots of work to do!

This photo below is a view from my room.
The Book

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