Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today Is Easter 2014 and it reminds me

With that said, Today only reminds me of a situation last year where I missed out on my frat picnic in preparation for a date with my ex, at the time she was my girlfriend. Well. when the time got near. I realized that she hadn't called or anything. so Instead of worrying myself. I took a long walk  during that walk I began to follow trace back patterns assuming that she was cheating. Although in the end i ws right. At that time i was only assuming.  .. I remember that she "didnt feel like doing anything" on her birthdy when she got her Tires Changed by her ex.. and on V-day she claimed  her baby was sick, and when i showed up at her door there were a finished Dinner for 2..  , and on Easter day. she ws "by her cousin" .. She called me to tell me that Hours after i had been calling her to see if she was ready for our date.

With all that said .. Easter 13, I realized that i began piecing it all together. and really wanted to drop the ball on her, but I was so interested in the experience of  having a Girlfriend (or so i thought) and being  "The Boyfriend" (or service provider according to her) .. I was Caught up and i didn't know how to say now..

I wish i wasn't so weak, maybe i was supposed to experience that. it's crazy because multiple times before that, i thought about dropping the ball. but I couldn't see myself walking away from something I liked. I was stupid, gullible and weak. and although I can't respect her for what she did to me. I know that I'm better off without her.

yet at the same time she stays on my mind, shows up in my dreams and Posts on my facebook page LOL! i really liked her and was seriously interested.. yet .. she got married 3 months after she revealed that she had a new man.. leaving me totally out of the equation..

I was Angry.. I was Relieved.
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