Sunday, April 20, 2014

DRAGON | I got my April Loot Crate

The Theme was Dragon, and the contents of the box were  as follows

  1. 2 game of thrones figurines I'm actually not familiar with the show. but the figurines are 2 important characters apparently.
  2. Dragon Jerky .. Green Beef Jerky, and although I have never had beef jerky prior to this, I think tasted well, I ended up feeding the rest of it to the dogs though. I may have to invest in beef jerky too :D
  3.  A dragon Shield Screen Cleaner. 
  4. a 20 sided polyhedral Stress Dice (a Stress ball basically)
  5. a 20 sided polyhedral dice. mine was green
  6. a Dragon Slayer Dog Tag.
  7. a collectible Loot crate Pin. 
  8. The Content booklet
I also believe the box had a code in it for the elder scrolls online game.**Not Sure Shrugs** it doesn't matter because i'm not that big of a gamer. how do i rate this crate. I give it a  B+ only because The contents are cool but due to the fact that i really couldn't relate to the content. Fact. I have seen adds for Game of Thrones, I think its on Netflix but i don't know the characters by name because i don't follow it, I haven't played any Dungeons & Dragons games, I AM a Legends of Zelda Fan. though nothing directly about the contents of the box says  says Zelda other than in the booklet there's a mention. I Like The Elder Scroll's Series of games but i don't follow it, ( i didn't receive the Elder scrolls figurine). The Dog Tag was cool  the Screen cleaner is cool too.   Other than that.. I Really wanted a T shirt LOL!

as far as the Unboxing...  

 I couldn't truly enjoy the unboxing because my Folks opened it before I got to see the contents smh..  my folks always open my packages...


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