Monday, April 28, 2014

My Friend’s going back to San Diego

A Few Years ago, My friend Ben came back to the city to Start a church. He set the foundation and built upon it. and now, he’s decided to move back to San Diego to continue his duties as a Pastor. I hope all is well for him and his family.

I Hope that great things come out of  Chris, The New Pastor head of the Hospital of Grace Church. I was glad to be part  The Founding of that Church and would like to visit there some day soon now that Chris is the Pastor.

I am Thankful to have been part of that, watching folks grow in the lord, even though I wasn’t an every day member. I have seen some of the members progress in their faith and that’s what matters.

What God has in the plan for us all is different. I think that God has a Bigger plan for Ben, and Maybe it’s not here within the State of Louisiana, but I am very glad to know that He is doing the work of God and I am hopeful that he will touch more lives.  I would really love to help him in some kind of way with that as well. 

It’s amazing.

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