Monday, May 05, 2014

I'm Going Home

I'm officially leaving the ATL today, and I have lots of work to do when I get home. But on my part,  I am  grateful for my experience here, the connections I've made, as well as every thing I did with or on behalf of the battle promoting team.

It was fun, It was exciting. It was a bit of everything I had expected. If only I had a vehicle, I could have roamed the city getting lost a little, 

Yesterday, I 'gave a beggar 10 dollars, after all this weekend blessing , I lost 10 dollars after being brined, but at the same time, I didn't Want any trouble, therefore I just gave him what he wanted, That was "Any" Change, I actually, gave him 10$ after begging fort $40. This is after he bribed me with  inactive footlocker  gift cards, claiming to have Diabetes & needing insulin. Well, I gave it to him, and already expected the cards not to work. Afterwards though, I went to McDonald's with the benefit of eating s near free meal and being visited by Sol, Eb Bad their brother.

Prior to that  though, Directly after the battle, I called Sol to tell them I had free 6 flags tickets for the evening, Ironically after what they did for me, I returned the favor by giving these tickets away to them, it was their first experience at 6 flags here and they've been here since Katrina.  Wild Right,

By the time I had already eaten at  this place called "Cookout" which really we ate IN Kroger because Cook Out was PACKED inside, WOW! lol

Upon leaving the battle, and talking to some HOT ICE legends, I feel good. LOL is'll talk about that later though, a.well NAH.  With that. I wish  I could have remembered their names. But They have something coming their wart, and I have opportunity coming my way. So, on my part. I have Good!.

I think God for Opportunity & The Experience. I've had. It would be nice to get my 10$ back though. LOL! I hope them Girl's form Hot Ice add me to Facebook though yeah buddy!.

It's 6:45 I'll be here all morning Im checking out at like 10am really. 
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