Thursday, May 22, 2014

May as well get this out of my head now.

I have been thinking about my ex alot, Maybe that's a natural thing because I really haven't gotten over what happened between us. She's been showing up in my dreams. part of my voluntary topic of discussion at times. I even have seen her dad a few times, but I can't help that, we're from the same alma mater LOL!.

She types on my page, has sent and email and all. alot and I don't mind that, i don't mind conversing through the comments,because I can't be mean, yet it really doesn't help me because  i haven't gotten over it. It's hard to move on when you're constantly reminded of what hurt the most.. but I can't move on because of where my own head is.  I see beauties all THEE time. but i really don't know how to present myself to them other than by being myself. and still i constantly am reminded of her ...

I may end up single for another 8 years. who knows. I gotta get MY LIFE on track though. I need a distraction LOL!

Speaking of Relationships, Via Instagram I expressed my thought on some fairy tale junk that females tend to get on. Do doubt I do think its cool to treat your woman to something great. but I'm not Romantic, I believe it's something that Isn't real and is only a success in movies. Why waste your time in the elements when you can be real and just make it happen naturally..  I don't have to present myself to you like a king trying to court a queen. I need somebody to Talk to and Roll with.. LOL! THATS WHAT I NEED! lol

What you need is somebody who would treat you like I\would, but not somebody who would fake the funk.  I'm not an imitator I don't like the fuddy duddy stuff. I'm ME.  No doubt. having a Candle Lit dinner sounds nice.. thats simple but doing it really isn't as you see written on pages of books..

I remember my ex told me a story about her ex in a hotel after a dinner with and  pedals  sprinkled all over the bed and candle lit baths and all that -Ness. now that does sound fun and sexy but picture this;  She did this for HIM not the other way around tho...  eventually leading to her being angry because HE didn't really care fore it .. YEAH I LAUGHED AT HER because it was a  WASTE OF MONEY. . i'd rather take you to a spa  and then have dinner LOL! something more "real" i guess. LOL!  just not sometthing I'd be happy about. LOL

anyway I'm gonna share that instagram post in the next entry basically.

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