Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why I Don't Believe in Being Romantic

As It States in the Graphic 
I personally don't believe in being romantic. To me, romance is something that is an art of fiction. My life isn't a love story and I'm not willing to play the role of a knight in shining armor. That guy hasn't been to battle. I'm always at war.
As for the Knight In Shining Armor.

In Fiction, The Knight In Shining Armor  or Knight-errant is the guy who risks his life to protect and Serve or save a woman; no matter what situation she may be in. On top of that. This guy has most likely has never done anything in his life prior to attempting to win this woman's heart. he does everything to make her happy. they fall in love it's They live Happily Ever After.

It's FICTION  It's the mold that women have been brainwashed to hope for in a man. that someone will sweep them off their feet like a damsel in distress. These are all characters of Fiction, same as Romance, It's :a Literary work of art  that we have seen played out of film and Although it's imitated in Life. it's only For Show and Doesn't always represent the true feeling of a man. other than Showing "i can treat you like a princess". It just doesn't represent every day life in a relationship or even in it's beginnings.

What I mean by this is,  I constantly find myself scoping out the good from the bad without necessarily trying because i do not understand women. What I do understand from seeing with my own eyes and being with them as well is that. they do have expectations of a man that I honestly can't comply to. The Biggest thing is. I can't be your superman.  I myself am not asking you to be my wonder woman. what I want is a heart and mind to connect with. not someone who desires lust and or has a demand for material possessions.

Every woman wants to be taken care of, every woman wants the Traits of a good man, but they don't know where to find him so they look for the Bad guy to try to turn him into their good man. when It all fails, they cry on a good man's shoulder but won't accept his love because likely he's not "swagged out" like the Bad boy they Physically desire. I have constantly been turned down because I don't fit the mold in which a woman desires.  At the same time Many women don't fit the mold I desire. but because I have no clue about them. I have to dip in to the waters to find out.  I haven't found one good enough for me yet.

I am Still At War. 
Getting the Good girl is almost like a competition, On that note I must better myself to get noticed. I am not the man I want to be, I don't really expect the woman that I'd want to even want me at my pace in life. but I do desire a woman that's good. one who is trustworthy one who believes an trusts God. One who basically has a good head on her shoulders.. anything beyond that Is either accepted or denied my it's a choice i'd have to make.

I am a fan of physical and natural appearance yet I can deal with certain things women do to beautify themselves. I can't deal with excessive piercings or body modifications.  I can deal with Tattoo's. You got kids? I love kids! but Ex Boyfriend or Baby Daddy would run me away. especially if this person you're dealing with because You've chosen to make him your problem. If it wasn't my problem to begin with. I don't to walk into that drama. Yet If I like you enough. I'm willing to walk in the water, but I will not fight your battle.

I have been misused, mistreated, disowned, and played for a fool. all until my eyes were open. and I still decided to stay for the finally. Why? because my heart just didn't want me to give up. I was sucked in to the joys of what it is to be in a relationship, to have someone to claim hold to. someone to call my own. but I wan't getting that back and was too blind to see it.  and even after i saw it. I couldn't bring myself to breaking away from it. This is why I am at war. Not with other men. but with myself.   Yes I want to make some woman happy someday. but I don't want to be trapped into something I can't escape,  The War is everlasting.

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