Friday, June 20, 2014

Should I join it?

The NOPD is Hiring and I don't have a job. They're looking for New Recruits and I think I may be able to be of service to the organization. After looking at news reports of their recent hiring fair and the talk of "lowering of standards" to hire officers. Here's one thing i realize. A few years ago they upped the standards to have at least 2 years of collegiate education to train as a police officer, this week, that seems to have been thrown out the window due to the fact that there aren't enough officers patrolling the streets. Not only that but they also are now hiring folks who may have abused substances in the past and who have been 100% clean for the past 10 years. Sounds great right?   This means somebody in life will likely get a second chance to redeem themselves....

As for Me, I need a Job, Do i want to be a police officer, No. but I think it's important that I do something with my life. and being an officer is a career with benefits. I really wouldn't want to go through the training but I do know that i'll be able to get some kind of physical to make that happen.

Should I sign up? that's the big question! LOL!.
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