Friday, August 29, 2014

It Has Been Nine Years

Today marks 9 years since the day that changed  the loves of many of us in New Orleans forever. Every year around this time, I reflect on the on all the things that happened during The Katrina Experience.  I still have dreams relating to the tragedies as well as triumphs that have occurred in the lives of myself and family.  I thank God for the great things that have happened in my life since then. But it's rime to bring back the feeling I had while there.

While I was happy in Houston. I made progressive moves. I've made great and some bad decisions yet overall I was in a position to make moves and progress.. when I came back to  New Orleans I slacked up big time.  and I look at the things I could have done in these 9 years and I'm disappointed in myself. But I do maintain....

Today It's a reminder that my progress depends on my actions. I have remained stagnant sidelining since Katrina, it's the only truth. I must to stop talking and make moves Ro help myself. I have lots going for myself, but I don't make money doing it. Helping people is a passion and I enjoy it. But I need money. I need a job. I need to progress. It must happen now. I must apply myself.

That's my goal. To  progress non atop

-The Book
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