Monday, September 08, 2014

Breaking The Rank: The Panthers Kicker Situation

By this time you may or may have not seen the video of Carolina Panther's Kicker pushing a band member, which caused him to get booed. Today, The HBCU band community outraged. There are various discussions along my Facebook timeline displaying not only the video of what happened, but Meme's and full discussions beneath them. Here I will share the general thought of the Band community.

In Football, there's a penalty for "Roughing The Kicker", well what do you call it when The Kicker Roughs up the Band?  ... We call that Breaking Rank. and that's something you just don't want to do. because the band will likely thrash you. In BCC's case. this is slightly different. Keeping in professional, the Trombone player kept performing without missing a beat.

Here's how This went down.. The Bethune-Cookman University's band was invited by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to perform at halftime, They showed up late, so It's about 2 minutes before the 3rd quarter begins They hit The Field.  Please note: At this time, usually members of both teams are already out on the field preparing for the next quarter. So, As the band entered the field. According to what's displayed in the videos. Those on the field Don't leave the field at all.  Including the The Panthers Kicker who's ends up dead center of the band. during their dance routine pushing a trombone player or "Rouging the Bandsmen" as he tries to attempt field goals.  But that was just One of the many problems:


When a marching band or any Halftime Entertainment hits the field You would think They'd clear the field out of respect for the performance. In this case, No: There was so much activity from members and staff of both teams on that field during the bands performance:

  1. The Kicker "Roughing the bandsmen
  2. Team members & Staffers walking along the field and through the band
  3. Pitch and Catch being played  
  4. Balls Flying toward the band From Pitch and catch being played.
 it's been said that Dr. Wells Bethune Cookman's Director of Bands was Furious. and I understand why because as i stated There are a set of rules the bands pride themselves on. One of them is Don't Break Rank:

What doe this mean?
  1. A Band member is not allowed not leave his or her position
  2. A Band member should not anyone to to walk through, the band
  3. If there's something in your path. move it out of the way.or walk over it or And if the Object is immovable work around it.
As a band member if someone is within your path. they should already know to move out of the way.
If what's is in your oath does not hinder your performance. just work around it. For the most part  If There's  are raging bulls running toward you, It's common sense to Move out of the way or they will run over you. Because you will get attacked. they just won't walk around you. The band will tell you that you don't have a right to walk through them/ If you refuse, you will  get pushed out of the way by Staff or the bands will take it upon themselves. 

For the most part in these days, The band will not attack someone unless they are somehow attacked or pushed Of course in BCU's case This Kicker was already on the field, So they worked around him as well as the others on the field.,

It was very disrespectful to the band  & the band community. Some folks feel that he should be fined or fired.  There are memes "Don't Push" "Dont Break Rank" ^ "Justice for BCU" although it mocks a more serious situation, for the most part it's humorous,  as well as joking about what other bands would have done. and it's the truth. There are many videos of a band Either attacking a person for walking through. Others "Get away" with itt.

Notice I didn't Say the Kickers name: It's not worth knowing

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