Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You President Obama for Holdin' It Down!.

It's wild because The Pro-Regulations  folks are totally against this and have no idea what Net  Neutrality is about.  I just ran across a link regarding Ted Cruz' comment. I was joked out but it was also very informal

Check this link.. 

I agree, The internet should be regulated by what private companies feel the people should have access to. we should be able to have a 100% open internet, at High Speeds with no restrictions other than the ones we chose to make.. at this point. That's my only thoughts on this. but I totally agree with the press..

from what I know, the FCC is against it .. Watch how conservatives go against it..  I feel like this, if you don't actually Use the internet, you shouldn't try to regulate it.   if they had it their way. there woyld be  ESRB ratings on everything.
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