Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Will Strive for Better

As the Vice President of an organization, I know I'm in a position where I should be talking to people, writing out proposals and creating partnerships. On my part, I don't feel comfortable doing that. maybe it's because although I'm very passionate about what it is that I do, I can only express it in a few forms one of them is digitally. another is just Not in a business setting.

This week has been busy for me, I'm glad Solomon and Eb came in town, because if not, my weekend wouldn't have been so busy. lol.  We took his little Brother to Southern University's High School Band Camp. I was able to talk to the directors briefly but for the most part. All was well.  I'll be going back tomorrow for the "Show" which ends camp. and I will be purpitrating with my Texas Southern T-Shirt too .. WITH NO CARE IN THE WORLD! lol

We had multiple meetings with possible recruits, a few band directors and our board members just to be all on the same page. Please note, I'm not the most "Professional" person in the world. I wear T shirts, Khaki's / Cargo pants alot.  But that's just me.  It's not that I don't want to look casual, but I sure don't have an extended attire to be suited up daily. I Gotta work on that though GOALS!

Just last week prior to them coming  Our organization as well as The All Star Band went on WWL TV, I was able to meet Sally Ann Roberts and Eric Paulsen along with Tamika Lee  as well as the folks behind the cameras.

The Band was very appreciative of the experience, Myself & Robin were also,

Lastly, I recieved an Invitation to an Event for a Book titled Please Forward which the story of my dog Cheddar will be part of. My Stories seem to move people. I don't know why. but That in itself inspires me to keep blogging.

The Book 
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