Saturday, July 25, 2015

UNO Center For The Book is Posting “Please Forward” Excerpts.

If I failed to mention this here at any time, I apologize, I haven’t been posting much in here because my though are else where. I have to make it my duty to get here more often. “Priority”

Well if you click (HERE) you’ll se an excerpt from my first post after Katrina, I’d link you to that post but I’ll likely re tell my  Katrina experience  including my thoughts from the year my year in Houston.. I’ll do  on the August 28th (hopefully)   I understand that the original was heartfelt and fresh out of my head.. but its always good to to think back.

As for the book “Please Forward”  I’m very happy to be part of it  in some capacityimage

Check out the Please Forward facebook page

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