Sunday, August 30, 2015

After 10 Years ...

Alot about my life has changed, I was gonna list a whole lot of things but that post crashed, therefore I'll leave you with this.. in the past 10 years (started a few months before Katrina) I lost family members,  I've Gained and Lost Lost Love & Relationships, We've had new birth in the family. I've watched Kids Grow up I've watched schools  & Neighborhoods come down and new ones go up. I've Gained friends, I lost friends, Members of my family became home owners, business owners,  my dad even hit the Lotto once.. We Laughed we Cried, Weve been sad, we've been happy .. We are here....

I guess what i'm here to say is, Life is what it is, It's a New Normal. but it's definitely not the Norm as it was Pre-Katrina. In a way, We;ve all been damaged by this storm, psychologically. I honestly still have dreams that are not necessarily nightmares but are very twisted. Places that no longer exist today but they are embeded in my mind forever.

Some of the dreams are bad, dark and violent, others are heavenly but I dream the twisted dreams because my pre katrina life was a bit of it all. .. The things i've seen and heard mixed with the things I feared, hated, and loved.  but I dream.. and i know it's a dream because its not as it was before.

I'm grateful to have gained the opportunities that i have had, especially after 2010, because that's when things started moving pretty smoothly and on the right track again. I still have a long way to go personally, I think we all still do..

I gotta reconnect with this blog man.. Thinking back though Iwas just one of the Lucky ones to not have so many issues 10 years ago which helped bring some fortune my way. so many people have done things for me and I thank them all.

I personally still making moves to live right (or am i).. I'm inspired to blog once again as i used to, but just not about any and everything..

So Much to say.. but I don't know how to put it down yet...

I'll be back..
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