Saturday, August 29, 2015

On This Day, I am not feeling well.

And It has nothing to do with the Katrina Talk, I have a legitimate “Cold”. and It’s got me feeling droopy, congested,  runny nose, everything. it’s been 3 days now.

There are football games that that are going on today that I should be attending, but I won’t be due to the way I feel now.

On the Bright Side, I have realized for the past month that I weigh under 290..
This is a good thing because in recent years I’ve weight close to 315, I am not “Trying” to lose weight, but I acknowledge that that size is too big.  I have been 300+  since 2010 or so. and very seldom it would go under the 300 mark.  Recently with  my average being between 284 and 288 it’s a great thing. Mind You, I haven’t been eating as much because we don’t necessarily have much junk foods coming in to the house.

I’m a big snacker, so laying off the snacks is the thing that makes it work.. There’s noting that  I can easily grab and go. so that helps. LOL! Otherwise . I can feel it alittle.
If I can get down to 240 that would be awesome.   Maybe I need to work out and get more active. lol.

Otherwise at least for now, I need to fight off this current sickness. LOL!..

I’ll  Blog about Katrina Next … Open-mouthed smile

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