Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Putting Some Faces to the Words.

Today night was a cool experience. I was able to meet some of the bloggers from my blogroll which has basically been the same blogroll since 05/06. I feel great about it all I'm glad I was able to meet the faces behind the words as well as to hear similar stories and feel the emotion which those stories brought to the room.  I was excited about it, I also felt weird yet good about seeing my own words.

My Original "Quick Rundown" entry is in the book written as is online which is awesome.. I love that it's there. The one line that got me was that I mentioned of my Ex, Bethany within that post.  just seing that, I was like WHOA! but I'm not upset that it's there because it was true feelings about her and in my thoughts at the time and raw emotion. I was young and in love with this girl who was a distance away, but I cared.

Although that relationship ended in 2006 and I blogged alot about my feelings about her. I consider her a friend to this day. I don't neccesarily keep up with her,  but I've got to tell her that she's in this book. She was part of my life then, so it matters.

Some of the folks met Cheddar, I met some great people at the end  who I've never met prior to. hopefully I'll get to see them again. I won't mention their names here but they know who they are.is I'm glad to have seen the faces.  I wish I would have gotten more people to sign my book though, Glad to have met them though.   WOW!

For the most part, it's things like this which inspire me to remain a blogger....
and therefore I must continue.

Thank you Cynthia Joyce and your team. ... W-O-W
- The Book 
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