Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Attended Wildkat Pro Wrestlings "WildKat X Rated" Event

For the first time I was able to attend a Wrestling event for a very small and local promotion. Wildkat Sports Live Pro Wrestling,  I've heard of them about 5 years ago but I never actually attended the show until today.  There were a few major names, but the focus in my opinion was on all the local guys who were great at what they did.

At the event I met a fellow blogger, Clif of Cliff's Crib, and prior to walking in the door I was spotted bya Friend from my days NOCCA, Tim Lattie. Haven't seen him since 1999. We used to talk about wrestling a lot back then.

I Enjoyed the show, It made me want to get involved somehow. I know obviously I would suck as an on screen personality. but I wouldn't mind being involved. Prior to Leaving met Luke Hawx, He's basically the mind behind the wrestling promotion itself. He's actually perfomed big shows with WWE before. as well as some of his talent. like Bu Ku Dao. That kid's awesome.

Although I didn't personally meet Tracy Smothers, Sabu and Stevie Richards, I was able to walk past them and size them up abit. It made me feel "Tall" and i'm 5'8 so that's a big deal LOL! ..

Man, I may have to hit up Ramp and see what he can relay to me. WildKat is nice!.

I still have pictures to edit/upload from that event. If my PC wasn't so slow/unresposive at times  would have made that happen days ago.

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