Thursday, October 15, 2015

Everything Is The Devil!

I know that title may be a bit much, but I recently found myself  watching a documentary titled "Jesus Camp". I didn't watch the full documentary, so I plan on watching it again from the beginning to better understand the purpose for the documentary.

From the part I caught, it was the Middle to end.  and lots were going on, such as the discussions of education and politics as it relates to religious believes and or Christianity and If I am correct, it  was filmed in the Bush Era.

Much of this Documentary is about Kids, and Although I love when i hear  of children learning of God, believing in Christ,  But I was disgusted by some of the things that were being said being said. It's not that big a deal, but you will understand what i mean   if you watch it too

.Although I am a christian, I was a little disturbed by how these kids seemed to be brainwashed by their parents and the churches they represent. There was scene at a lunch table, the kids were  talking about Harry Potter, One kid responds "My Mom doesn't allow me to watch cartoons and movies like that because it's witchcraft"

That it a valid reason to keep your child from watching such thing, However, I believe that his parent could have simply allowed him watch it, while educating him on the truths behind the concepts used in the films. because if not kids like that will grow up bound by isolating himself from the world. because his parents are telling him everything is the devil and it must be avoided.

In truth, the element of sin is inevitable, but you can fight against it with prayer,  and refrain from  it by keeping those principles of your faith within your heart and mind. But also you never want to be in a position where you are Blinded by your faith and it gets delusional to the point where everything that doesn't have God in it is Sinful of of the Devil. because that's just not true.

There was another case where this girl explained "how to" worship , which kind of church to attend, how the people act in church and how God only answers prayers of people who Worship and pray  a Certain Kind of Way ... Her Mom should be ashamed for teaching this child that, because it's a diluted lie.

I love God, I am a Christian, and Forgive me if I'm being Hypercritical of this film. I understand that the children are innocent in their belief in God's word. but Please parents, don't allow yourself to be Ignorant in the Spirit.

I grew up learning the gospel as a child, I also learned the way of the teachings of my church home. I respect them greatly. there were elements of secularism that as a a Christian, refraining from would help strengthen us in Gods word,  but it doesn't make all secular things "The Devil". That's basically how I see it.

There are Many Christians who conform to the ways of a church/denomination. I am not one of those people. I respect what Churches are doing, but we don't want to have the kids heads so far in the clouds about Jesus, that we forget to Punch in a fist fight, or even have fun.  (because some people take the bible 100 seriously as if humor isn't in the bible)

You all get my drift.. I'm not a fan of making a kid a "Zombie for Jesus"  Teach the Kids, allow them to gain an understanding for the word, don't just force the ways of the church upon them. let them read it as you teach them what's right and wrong according to the word.

That's all I really have to say about that.

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