Saturday, October 17, 2015

Passionate About School Band

Yesterday.on behalf on the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, I had opportunity to assist in the delivery of Instruments to Carver High School. Upon Unloading the the vehicle, a very excited clarinetist by the name of Veronica, mentioned how great it was to have the new instruments and she couldn't wait until football season was over to break the new instruments in during the Concert band season.

To hear that coming from a New Orleans based student musician is an amazing thing. simply because we are in a city where Marching Band is such a primary focus, that we forget about the other elements which make up a complete music program.

George W. Carver High School received, a number of Trombones, Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets and a Snare Drum. The instruments go toward building their Jazz Ensemble/Brass Band program.

Band Director, Mr, Herbert and his staff were very excited as well, They even gave me a band shirt!.
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