Monday, October 12, 2015

The Risk. Your freedom or imprisonment?

With All that I stated in the last entry I have to say this.

 I recently talked to a girl who was shot. she was minding her own business and became a victim. unfortunately she's been a victim of many incidents where things wasn't meant for her. She just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. or maybe just in the right place where some random shots were fired and unfortunately she became just another victim,  Sad world right?

Well, because of situations as such as well as the shooting at Texas Southern on my mind. I posted on facebook this status

The illusion of safety and security, a prison like community complete with tall gates with barbed wire video cameras recording your every move. When safety is a concern you are willing to give up your rights to privacy and freedoms to put yourself in a prison like state. Then you realize even prisons aren't safe.

I attended Texas Southern in Fall of 2006. The campus life was booming, it was an open campus, there were no gates surrounding the school beyond the campus football field. there weren't many elements of security on campus beyond the TSU campus police.  Mind you, the school is located in Houston's 3rd ward "in the hood" The same hood U of H is in. but you won't hear about UH's issues.. Yet with TSU,. all the madness makes the news and it's been that way for a while....

With that said, although there were incidents back in 2005/06  there absolutely no shootings/killings happening.  After my time, there were a few isolated incidents I've heard about which didn't involve the student body. It's 9 years later and the campus has the illusion of safety. That illusion is the big gate which surrounds the school. as well as More security on campus which is separate from the TSU police.  In some areas there's video surveillance as well. but it wasn't and isn't enough to stop shootings from happening.

The Latest Shooting on campus made National news (may as well say WORLD news) It was the Latest of maybe 4 previous shootings and some other incidents, where they were isolated or not,  I can say that these happenings are not normal and although could happen anywhere, have all just so happened to end up ON or nearby the campus of Texas Southern. Honestly I don't even know if i'm gonna go hang around campus during the homecoming week now, because of the issues. but I will try.

Going back to my status in blue. as well as  a reflection on my previous entry. Every time there are shootings as such, the discussion is either about gun control of enhancing the level of safety on campuses abroad. and how do they do this? With Big Brother tactics. It's why I asks Are you willing to give up your privacy and freedoms to submit to the illusion of safety?  Most people would say no when you ask that question.. but they also would be the first to say "We need more cameras" "we need more security" and "we need Gates around the school yo Protect us."  .. Hmm? are you protecting yourself bu doing so? or, Are you hindering your ability to escape danger by being confound by Giant gates, crime cameras etc?..

Do you see what i mean?. There's always a catch to what you want vs what you may need and what you will accept, especially after something happens.

Enjoy your freedom folks.

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