Monday, October 12, 2015

Gun Control or Goon Control?

I've discussed this in many cases over facebook as well as with friends. and with all the School shootings, church, mass shootings and, random  high profiled shootings that have taken place. the talk of the Nation will always be about gun control, and "if everybody had a gun to protect themselves" so forth and so on....

I have a lot to say, yet I really don't know how to put it out there. but after discussing so many times. I can seriously and honestly say that. I personally am not a fan of guns, but if you have one, fine. I don't want to see it. I don't want to be around you while handling it. why? because i'm not 100% sure what your mental state is.  I don't fear guns, I fear being shot by someone who may not be mentally stable enough to control their trigger finger if i bump or step on their foot by mistake..yet  unknowingly I've been around carriers of weapons and I feared nothing because I also understood that i wasn't a potential target nor threat to any of the folks who carried the guns whether legally or illegally.

I don't mind a person toting a gun to protect themselves. but the problem are not those people who know the law. the problem are not always those who have registered guns and have learned to handle them. The problem in many cases, especially in my own city are those gun handlers who have illegal firearms. Guns they've stolen, guns bought and sold on the black market. those weapons are bound to be used to kill or commit crimes with.

The NRA and other groups don't want anyone regulating their guns and for the reasons i stated above. I do understand exactly why/ it's because they aren't the ones who need to have their weapons regulated.  It's the people who have illegal weapons. They don't care about the laws, they're gonna use the weapons they have as they may. The Gun Laws don't apply to those who poses guns illegally.

Generally the way I feel is The mental and emotional state of the person carrying the gun determines how that gun will be controlled. from there. the outcome of the possessor of the gun is  unknown and can not be and will not be understood until after we find out what he mental and emotional condition of the shooter is. 
As for legal carriers.are concerned  I believed that they should be allowed to openly carry a hand gun, or have a rifle or shot gun in their vehicles just in case something happens in there's a valid reason to use the gun.

I also don't ever wanna be in position where I am a potential victim of a gunman. because then I'd be waiting on someone who may be a legal carrier to do something if they have a gun. because it would be their decision that could potentially save the lives of others.. on my part I'd probably die in that  kind of situation (God forbid) because I wouldn't be the one to pull the trigger whether I had a gun or not.   I have no desire to shoot.  BUT who knows, If my life was in danger and I had a gun, It would only be my call to use it....

The problem, using a gun too early in a situation as such can trigger the criminal to just go ahead an Kill everyone if that person isn't subdued by a wound himself.. Life and death situations are bound to occur. but It's not an easy thing to talk about because  no mater what happens. Everything becomes a "If"  situation..

I could be wrong, but my thoughts are my thoughts. I don't wanna live assuming that the next man can save my life. I believe in protecting myself, and not living in fear. I also don't own a gun, nor plan on owning one though/

I lived in a neighborhood full where my windows have been shot through. yet I knew the bullet wasn't meant for me, nor my family.  I've bodies after shootings. It's not fun. It's scary. you never get used to it. it was just part of life. It wasn't supposed to be normal. but It was... and although it doesn't often happen in my current neighborhood. In the city of N.O. with 160 to 200 murders yearly. It just seems "Normal" right... It's not supposed to be. I'm tired of hearing of killings and gun violence.

We can say "End It" but it just doesn't happen because it can't. the folks listening aren't the ones doing the crimes .. yet it does help when reaching out, preventing potential criminals from making those steps..

but then again. I could be wrong..

- Book

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