Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cheddar Came back to us 10 Years ago today!

Yes ten years ago today was a day ever so grateful, Out dog, Cheddar Returned to us after the we were forced to leave on the Interstate near our home on St. Bernard avenue.

We weren't sure we were gonna be able to take him from the beginning, but he did manage to sneak on the bus. Cheddar was in the back of the bus under a seat where he went by himself without us telling him anything. unfortunately someone near by us said "They have a dog on the bus" and he then he was forced off.

He ran behind the bus for what may have been 3 miles before we we  made a turn (it's how we saw him ) We made it to Houston and we realized that  there were pets hopping off the other buses when we made it to our destination, it was very upsetting. But even there we didn't give up on seeing him.

We  Searched online for pet rescue services.  We saw Reports of Pets missing and that's how we found Cheddar's Photo on an NBC based News service Virginia  My mom was so excited She rang the "Found Family" Bell in the makeshift Astrodome Computer center  When they asked her who did she find, She screamed in tears "I found my dog!"  At that pont, The Search began

The News Source told us that the Washington Animal Rescue League may have the dog.  The Did , but they didn't. They specifically gave certain breeds of dog to other services to handle them, With the info they gave us, My sister Called folks and we even searched online Online, I found previously uploaded photos of cheddar as well as the We posted them to and even linked up with folks who can help us, But it wasn't easy.

The search It was a very frustrating and overwhelming process for us.. but thanks to the folks on Petfinder who constantly posted pictures and links, we found Cheddars Picture and description on a website. The Photo listed him with the name "George Michael" as a Newly Adopted Beagle.  I believe it was on BREW Beagle services. from there, There a phone call  was made where the person on the on the line told my sister that The beagle we were looking for was too couldn't possibly be our dog. We found that pretty offensive and racist actually. But between weeding out the meanies on petfinder and other places We found some great people to assist us, eventually a man named Eric (of Eric's Dog Blog) who would eventually assist in getting the dog back.

Eric was able to contact the New Owner of the dog, She wanted $3000 for him considering the fact that she paid for his well being. He helped to get that fee paid, Took "George Michael" away from his owner and he returned to us as "Cheddar" or as we call him "Chat" November 22nd 2005

below is the video of his return

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