Sunday, November 15, 2015

So Far, I've jumped from Assertive to Turbulent

The One at the Top was taken June 14th, The one at the bottom was taken today November 15 That's 5 months and the big difference is the small jump to turbulence

INFP-A June 15

INFP-T  November 15!

Although I'm unsure if you realize this but according to this test. I am now
More Introverted   9% in June  turned to 17% today
Lss Intuitive  By a small measure 32% turned to 26%
Less Feeling   by a few 42 now 39^%
Less Prospecting: Big Jump from 73% to 38%
Now 3% Turbulent as compared to 30% Assertive, That's a major jump.
Still I am ranked as a mediator. so that's a good thing.

I guess I'll take it as a major jump because it it defines the personality in a big way.  All this means to me as that "Some times I'm assertive and sometimes I'm not/  It means that i consider other folks thoughts and feelings before my own, basically and that's true.
 Well..I'm not well  organized and I do like to keep my options open honestly, so I would make decisions based om how i feel, mainly toward the last ,minute .. It's alot right YEAH!

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